Our own vehicles

We provide you with new and well-equipped vehicles. We offer our trucks at reasonable prices. You can rely on our company because we handle every order carefully and responsibly.


If you need to ship goods and furniture, this van is the best solution. It is suitable for house removals, goods deliveries, transportation of furniture and gardening tools and is usually used as a service and delivery vehicle. Disassembled wardrobes, mattresses, refrigerators (in a lying position), washing machines, gas stoves, medium-sized sofas, household appliances, bicycles, mopeds can be transported in this vehicle.

The advantage of this van is its maneuverability and off-road performance. The convenience and affordable price will please you. The vehicle is designed to ship the objects with a total weight of up to 800 kg and has two seats for passengers.


12-foot truck


Order our 12-foot truck for shipping high and long objects. It’s a great option for office or house removals, and for the transportation of heavy things. This light truck is mostly used for deliveries over short distances. Bulky pieces of furniture, large household appliances, refrigerators (in a standing position), bicycles and building materials can be shipped quickly and easily.

This truck is often preferred because the cargo area is long enough and is characterized by a good carrying capacity. It is designed for the transportation of goods with a total weight of up to 1500 kg and has two seats for passengers.

16-foot truck

Do you need to carry a lot of bulky goods? Due to the long cargo area, the truck is designed to ship heavy household appliances, furniture and building materials up to 5000 kg, to deliver goods and is perfect for office or house removals. If you need to deliver bulky goods within a region, order this toll-free heavy goods vehicle.


The advantages of this truck include good carrying capacity and spaciousness. We offer quick and comfortable transportation of goods and things with a total weight of up to 5000 kg at reasonable prices.


24-foot truck


When it is necessary to move with kit and caboodle, many people wonder where they can find such a powerful truck. The 24-foot truck is chosen when you have to ship industrial gas boilers, extensive agricultural machinery, building materials and bulky goods. The heavy goods vehicle is ordered as a truck tractor of articulated vehicles for transportation of freight over long distances and as a construction vehicle.


The truck is suitable for the transportation of freight with a total weight of up to 10000 kg. As we care about our customers, we set the prices below the average market price.

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